Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hell Hole of the West

We started off the day with church. After church we went to the pool at our apartment.

Here is me with my new hat I got in Mexico. 

Here is Julia, Me and Joni floating in the pool.

After swimming we went to Yuma's Terriorial Prison. This was Arizona's first Territory's prison and was built in 1876.  The first building we saw was the watch tower, under the tower is the water storage.

Me and Joni in the watch tower with the Colorado River in the back round.

Julia, Diane and Jen

They called the movie "The Hell Hole of the West"--- our new nickname for Yuma. Being outside during the day like that is not an option, I felt like we were going to die at 116 degrees. The man working at the front booth said, "Its not hot it is just the absence of cold".

Here is a picture of the jail. Cells are located on both sides.

Me stuck in one of the jail cells. 

Us in the dark room. This room was used for punishment, was pitch black, up to 14 people were put into a grate that was only 5 feet high and only cleaned every 3 months.

After the jail, we drove by the Yuma Cemetery. I saw it the other day and wanted to show everyone, because it was unlike any I had ever seen. Many spaces just had a piece of wood sticking up, with no writing.

In one of the grassy areas we found 2 jackrabbits running around.