Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Night at the park

Joni and I went to the park tonight. It is such a pretty park, with a lake, a beautiful playground, close to the Colorado River. It's nice that Arizona doesn't have day light savings time because it gets dark early so you can actually go outside when its a little cooler (it was a cool 107)! 

Joni and Niko in front of the lake

The playground with the sun setting  behind it.

We went down and played in the Colorado River. The river runs through the town of Yuma. The water was so warm.

Niko out getting his ball in the river. He isn't the best swimmer. We started to get worried. He made it back though.
This family just got back from riding Jet Skies in there. Looked like a lot of fun!!

Joni and I relaxing on the pavilion in front of the lake. The sunset was so pretty!


Sell Family said...

I'm glad that you have Joni! It's nice to see you doing something fun to blog about everyday!
Love you...thanks for your address!

Susan said...

Hey Girly...what a fun night! I hope that everything is coming together for you! We love you!

P.S. Your blog looks so cute...I think it's time to give mine a make-over!