Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Meet my BFF

Meet My BFF:

Evonne, Von, Evonce

Mother to Savannah
Wife to Paul
She is the most amazing friend.
I am so lucky to have her in my life!!
About Von:
Where do you live?
Windy West Jordan

what is your favorite color?

what is your favorite city?
San Fran, CA

What is your favorite thing to cook?
Cook, very funny Emily (she makes YUMMY enchiladas)

What beauty product can you not live without?
Shampoo and Conditioner...I'm feeling funny tonight!

what is your favorite restaurant?
Rubio's today!

What is one thing you can’t help but splurge on?

What is your favorite word (phrase)?
I know, right!

What movie can you recite by heart?
Annie or Sound of Music or Hairspray =)

What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend?
anything, really I'm easy!

which tv show makes you happiest?
Brearking Bad

what is your favorite beverage?
Coke oh my coke!

What is one trend that totally victimized you?
low rise pants

If you could trade lives with anyone for a day who would you chose?
Octo Mom

What is your favorite comfort food?
Trolli Eggs

What famous person do you think you most resemble?
Kelly Clarkson or Tracy Turnblad

what is your favorite adventure that we've shared?
I love that I have a picture of every adventure that we have shared. After all these years I don't think that I can pick one.

What was the best piece of advice you were ever given? Who gave it to you?
If you love him, work on it! By Chris Hurst ( I know, right)

What three possessions do you value most?
All of my purses, all my scrapbooks, and all Paul's machines

What three non-material things do you value most?
my temple marriage to Paul, my daughter the best, and of course my BFF emily

When was the last time you told someone you loved them? Who was it?
I told you about 2 hours ago, because I haven't been able to get you off my mind
Thanks to Natalie for the survey, check her page out here

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Catch Up

So I was looking at my blog and realized that I hadn't blogged in over a month. Nothing really exciting has been happening lately but I wanted to share a couple things that I have done in the past month.

#1. I got Internet at home! I have been without it for about 3 months. Its so nice to have reliable Internet for the first time.

#2. I have a new roomie. Her name is Leslie. She's been here for a week and a half now. Things are working out great so far!!

#3. I booked a cruise with my good friend Joni to Mexico. It is an 7 day LDS singles cruise in July. We have ports in Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puetro Vallarta.

#4. Counting the days until I get to go visit my friend Amy in St. Louis. I am super excited to get out of town and explore a new city, and of coarse spend time with Ames.

#5. I have been spending much of my time watching the LOST dvds. I'm addicted. Such a good show! I have just started season #2 and I am hooked. My mom, dad, and bryan are hooked as well so its fun to talk about.

#6. Saw taken with my new friend Sally and some of her friends. It was such a good movie.

#7. Battled a cold.

#8. Went to Stansbury to hang out with my sister and her family. It was a lot of fun. I love spending time with them. I am lucky to have such an awesome sister, funny bro-in- law and 3 sweet nieces and nephew. We watched the kids play at the park, got icees, and played Ticket to Ride.

#9. Went to dinner with my COTA (Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant) class. It has been almost 3 years since we graduated. I feel so lucky to do something I love!!

#10. Voted for Savannah. Savannah is my BFF's daughter. Help her out! :)

Voting ends April 2nd at 12:00 pm. So, please when you have a chance head on over to...HERE!!
There is only one vote per ip address...we need all the help we can get.
She is contestant #20, and in the 2-4 year old group!
The winner will be announced live on the Morning Zoo April 3rd.