Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Salt Lake... Here I come!

So as many of you know, I came down to Yuma, Arizona for a job. When I got here, there wasn't any work. Long story short, during my time down here, I looked for work at other places- and still stay here, with no luck. Relocation was an option for a couple days-- until today. They wanted to to transfer to Sierra Vista Arizona, but I told them I wouldn't go unless they got me a car. I got the news today that they won't get me a car. SO..... I'm coming home! Next Tuesday-- yes thats right I am going to vacation in Yuma for another week. 

As frustrating as the company has been down here. I'm soo glad I came! It was nice to have a change in scenery! I was not expecting to miss my family and friends as much as I have- even in the short time I have been here. I have had so much fun! Its been nice to get Joni better, and have enjoyed my time here! I am going to miss Joni and Niko- But I'm not going to miss the heat! 

See you all in a week! 


kurt&jordan said...

How are you? I am so happy that you found me on here!!! Whats new? Tell me everything, I freakin love you!!!! And miss you like crazy so lets get together when you get back here!!!

Susan said...

Em- I am sorry things didn't work out for you down there....but I have to say, I am SO excited you are coming home! And that you will be home for Bear Lake! Yeah!

Sell Family said...

I'm sorry that I have been a slacker friend, and haven't returned your phone calls. I have been so stressed with car problems, and life! I still love you, and can't wait for you to return soon!!