Saturday, June 14, 2008

Girl's Night

Brittney planned a little get together, before I go to Arizona next Friday. It was so nice to get everyone together, Mal and Erica couldn't make it though! :( Alisa is so sweet, she brought be a rose and a framed picture of the girls! I'm going to miss the girls when I am gone. We all became friends in 7th grade (some earlier) and I am glad that we have all been able to keep in contact! You guys are the BEST!

The girls at dinner: Me, Brittney, Kassy, Kassy's son Garret, Aubrey, Laura and Alisa.

Alisa's holding Kassy's daughter Brooklyn. Aubrey and Laura.

Me, Brit and Kassy. Alisa and the Olive Garden crew singing her happy birthday- its in July! :)


Sell Family said...

We have to meet up this week for one last girly night! I've missed you!!