Sunday, June 22, 2008

San Diego

Joni and I headed to San Diego for the day. We left Niko with a girl in our ward. This is a pictures of a palm tree I loved in front of her house.

The drive was about 2.5 hours. We went from sea level to 4,000 ft and back to sea level. On the way we saw a row of these windmills. They were amazing.

Here is a picture of Joni and I driving.

We went to Ocean Beach, parking was hard to find, and when we did find a spot the lady leaving asked if we had a dog with us, we told her no, and she procedded to tell us that she only likes  to give her parking spot to people that have dogs with them. Joni told her well thats to bad, I am going to take it anyways. The lady then took her precious time to back up. It was pretty funny.

Here is a picture of the beach. It was a perfect day. Sunny and between 80-90 degrees. A nice break from the 119 degree weather here in Yuma. 

Here is Joni and I enjoying the beach.

We both got a lot of sun yesterday. I am hurting pretty bad today.

We went and drove over to Mission Beach and we were going to look around at the little shops but there were so many people there it would of been impossible to get a parking spot.


Susan said...

Can I even begin to tell you how jealous I am right now?! I would be do anything to sit on a beach right now! I am glad you are having a great time, but we miss you here!! Luv ya!

Sell Family said...

Wow! Looks like fun...did you find the temple? You will be a brown bomb shell you get back!

Emily Christine said...

No, we didn't end up going, but I have an idea of where it is now. We are planning on going back and maybe stopping by next time. I am so burned. I can barley move.

Parry-larious said...

Don't know where else to leave you a message, so I'll just do it here. Maybe I need your email????

I think you'll really like "Solitary Blue". It's a great book. I also really liked "The Host" by Stephenie Meyer. I just read a fantastic book today called "High Dive" by Tammar Stein. It has a little more language than I am usually comfortable with but I loved the story.

Hope you have a great time in Arizona and California. I think you are such a savvy girl and I am constantly impressed with the person you are. I loved hanging out with you on Father's Day.

Parry-larious said...

Duh! (I seriously read too fast for my own good. Sorry I missed your comment about The Host). Everyone has a hard time getting into the first 3 or 4 chapters of The Host. Especially if you are not used to reading Science Fiction. Even for an accomplished "skimmer" like me (Grant tells people that I don't really read, I skim) it took awhile to get going. Don't worry, nobody will take away your "Twilight" fan club pass if you don't love "The Host". (For many people I meet, they'd rather die than be acclaimed as a person who didn't love "Twilight" or Edward....mock, mock....even if I love Edward as well.) Have a fun time!

Emily Christine said...

My e-mail is, but leaving a post here is good too ! Thanks for the recommendations! I'm always looking for good reads!!