Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I got an A!

As some of you may know I took a 3 week INTENSE Public Speaking Class. The 3 week coarse covered all the material that a regular 16 week semester would cover! It was one of the longest/hardest 3 weeks of my life, but I am so glad I did it and got it out of the way. Speaking in front of people has always terrified me, and probably always will, but I think the class may make it a little easier. The class ran Monday through Thursday, for 3 weeks, from 5:30-9pm. Every night we had to prepare a speech outline and present in for the following day- this made for some sleepless nights. In the class we had to do 5 speech outlines and present 5 speeches and do a speech analysis paper (at least 4 pages) on a famous speech from history. I just found out that I got an A! I am super excited! I just wanted to give my Dad a shout out! He helped me edit my speech outlines and analysis paper! Your the best, Dad! No more school until Fall!


Susan said...

Em! Congrats! I know you worked your tail off on that and it payed off! I just wanted to tell you also that I love you and I am so lucky to have a sweet sister like you. I love that we have been able to see you so often. We are all going to miss you while you are gone! Love ya!

Sell Family said...

WOW...You are a stud! I admire that you went back to school. That is hard work! I haven't ever wanted to go back to school since highschool. =)

Parry-larious said...


I am so impressed! Things you find out when you read other people's blogs. Have a fun time in Arizone. You amaze me!