Saturday, June 28, 2008


Joni's friend Julia, Julia's sister- Jen and their friend Diana came to visit from Salt Lake City. Being so close to the border of Mexico, we decided to go there for the day. It was quite the adventure. We entered Mexico in Mexicali, on Mexicali's website it stated that there are buses that take you across the border to the shopping area. We didn't see anything of the sort! So we ended up driving across the border.

Joni at the wheel! The brave soul!

We stopped and bought Mexican auto insurance, and met a really nice couple. They told us where the little shops are in the area. They were very helpful, but ultimately never found what we were looking (you know the little market area's that sold jewelry, blankets, ect) and never found it after driving around for awhile. They also told us that they were known for their Chinese food. Thats where we ended up going after having no luck finding these little shops. The menu's were in Spanish, and the Oriental workers there spoke Spanish as well. Luckily, Joni and Julia served a mission in Bolvia, and both speak Spanish and were able to translate for us!

Julia, me, Jen, Diane and Joni

Here we are waiting in the line to get back into the US. Even though, we didn't get to go to the little shops, I bought an oversized cowboy sombrero from a man during the line back in. Joni joked with me, because I am flying home, and have no room in my suitcases I have a hard time buying stuff here, but I had no problem buying the biggest hat in existence. Not quite sure how I will be getting it home. Another plus about going to Mexico, is we were able to fill Joni's tank--the gas was pretty cheap there.

The border!!

When we got back to Yuma, we went to dinner at Burrito Grill- it is a Cafe Rio knock off. It wasn't nearly as good- but still tasted yummy. After dinner we went to our favorite park and river. It was a really fun day! 

PS: Thanks to my friend, Laura, for re-doing my page! I love it!


Sell Family said...

Laura did an awesome job on your background. I love it! I definitely need to get some skillz to pimp my out. =)
Looks like fun in Mexico. I'm glad that you get to do so many fun things!
Talk at ya lata!

PS We bough a car yesterday. I don't have it yet, because they have to have it shipped in...high demand I guess.

Susan said...

Wow! What an adventure! I am glad you had such a fun time! I can't wait to see your hat!

Bret and Laura Nicholson said...

I am glad you like it. It was fun to do. It looks like you had a fun adventure in Mexico!