Sunday, September 28, 2008

U of U game

I went to the U of U game with my friend Amy. We rode tracks downtown for lunch @ Sizzler with Amy's dad and his friend. We got back on tracks up to campus. Amy's dad works for parking services for the U, so we took a golf cart and rode around campus. It was fun to see all the fans dressed up and is definetly the best way to get around campus. The game was against Weber State and Utah won 37-21. At the game I saw Aubrey Loya, Paul P (used to work at RC Willey with him), Snell, and Lauren Hiem (I can't remember her married name!). After the game we met up with Allie and we went to Key's on Main.

Amy and I on Main Street waiting for the next train.
Amy and I in the golf cart.
During the game. Getting ready to go out, Allie, me and Amy.


Sell...Party Of 3 said...

You saw Paul Pattillo!?! Awesome!! Looks like a lot of fun! Did you Girardo by chance? NE who...Glad that Amy's back to hang with ya!

Emily Christine said...

Yep. Isn't that funny? I didn't get a chance to say more than hi though. Nope, I didn't see Giardo.

Shauna said...

How fun! Thanks for sharing :)