Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday with Savannah!

I watched Savannah for a couple of hours, while her parents Evonne and Paul went to the movies. I had no idea how much could be done in just a couple hours, until hanging out with Savannah. We watched a little of at least 4 movies (Monsters, Shrek 3d, Shrek, Beauty and the Beast), had a fashion show (about 7 wardrobe changes), went on a walk, danced, and read books. It was a lot of fun! Savannah is such a sweet and fun young lady!


Sell...Party Of 3 said...

Thank you!!!!!!! What is payment going to be for doing this for me every month!?! She loved having you over! She was exhausted when you left and took a nice nap! =) Just from the pictures I get tired. She has SO MUCH ENERGY!