Friday, September 5, 2008

Trip down memory lane...

I was scanning some old pictures of myself and thought that I would share them! Give everyone a good laugh!

This is Kindergarten!

It wouldn't be fun, if you left out all the bad pictures. So here you go. I hated my hair like this, way to short but of coarse my mom and grandma still talk about how cute it was! LOL. Kindergarten field trip to the zoo.

First grade picture. Don't you love the cherry suspenders and they had matching cherry "Nickers" lol.

Fourth grade

Me with my dog lucky


This is one I give my mom a hard time for. She made this dress for me with the same material as the chair is made out of. LOL!

What a hottie. LOL.

This is another of one of those really embarrassing pictures. I am dressed to be Jim Bridger and Steph is an indian.

Thank goodness for contacts. Thats all I have to say.

My dad and I.

Seventh Grade

Senior pictures


Sell Family said...

You look adorable in the picture with the comment of..."thank goodness for contacts". You are a hottie! =)

Parry-larious said...

You are such a pretty girl. Love those memory lane wouldn't be so cute....ah memories.

Megan said...

ok so in the picture with you and REALLY short hair... you totally look like brian did when he was little lol...then the chair picture is AWESOME... i haad that same argyle sweater (surprise) from gap!! and you totally have to love the hawaiian themed picture... i have one from that night with me you and mares, and one with my dad he looks like a freak!