Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mail time, mail time, mail time, MAIL TIME!

So I need to start by saying, I LOVE GETTING Mail!
I WON a giveaway from Dustyn and Kamie's blog. Kamie made a sweet mix tapes of music mainly from the '90's. I {heart} it! A little Alanis, Jewel, No Doubt, some country, Cranberries, and so many other favs! We definitely like a lot of the same music! So many memories of middle school, high school and road trips.
It also has Slowly, Slowly (By Magnapop) from Mad Love. Do you all know this?! I LOVE this movie and song!
Thanks for the cd's! They made my day!
I also found a fun, time wasting web site. FACEinHOLE.com. So fun!! Here are a couple pictures for a good laugh!
My Co-worker Bob.
Also, BFF (AKA Sell Party of 3) was nominated for favorite Mommy blogger. Go and vote for your favorite mommy blogger!!


Kamie Schmamie said...

I am glad you received your CD's and I am glad that you didn't hate them. :) Now I just need to make a CD of my favorites. I was really trying to stick to older stuff, but it was hard! lol And I have since found new 90's favs.

I LOVE the pics. Lovely. Just lovely! :)

I might need to try that!

Sell...Party Of 3 said...

That was the best mix tape EVER! I turned it up, and of course was singing like a rock star!! We are lucky girls for being the winners!!

Cal said...

I did these with my kids. they have never laughed so hard. thanks for the fun website!

Susan said...

Those pictures rock...so funny!

Amber! said...

My gosh, you have some hot bods!