Thursday, April 16, 2009

St Louis: Friday

For spring break I went to go visit my friend Amy and her husband Elliot. They moved to St Louis about a year ago for Elliot to go to Med School. It was such a fun trip and I took A LOT of pictures, so to keep the posts short, I will only post my favorites. They live in a high rise apartment building on the 15th floor, with a doorman, ancient elevator and a doorman. On Thursday night it was so different going to bed in the "city", it was so bright and loud. This was the view I woke up to on a foggy/rainy Friday morning.

Here are pictures of Amy and Elliot's apartment building.

We drove around downtown, went to the old library. One of my favorite things about St Louis is the old builidings! This picture is from the main hall in the library.

This is the art musuem that is located in Forest Park. We didn't end up going because we were told it was going through some renovation.

One of the golf coarses in Forest Park.

There was an area that had these old huge houses with tree lined street.

We spent the afternoon in the Science Center and Planetarium, which are also located in Forest Park. After the Science Center we went to St Louis Bread Company AKA Panera, it was really good.

This is a picture of the Planetarium.

After lunch we picked up Elliot at school and I went with them to the townhouse they are purchasing, they were there for an inspection. After the inspection we took St Louis' MetroLink (Lightrail) to the Cardinal's game. It was my first MLB game and it was probably one of the highlights of the trip.

Elliot and Amy

Amy and I

The three of us in front of the Busch Stadium. It was cold so we are all bundled up.

We had nosebleed seats but it was still so fun! They played Houston Astros and won!